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1936 - The Rotary Club of Pasadena was founded by H. A. Payne.
             In 1936 the world was still experiencing the effects of the Great Depression.
loaf of bread was $0.08 and a gallon of gas was $0.10.
             A Studebaker car cost $665. 
             The average cost of a new house was $3,925.  
             An average year's wages was $1,713. 

The Rotary Club of Pasadena was officially granted its Charter No. 4041 on November  6, 1936.

The club began with 18 charter members.

*Walter Ankle (Fire Insurance)
*Meyer Blankfield (Cattle Raising)
*Aubrey R. Cruse, Sr. (Retail gas and oil)
*E. H. Graham (Railways)
*Dr. B. C. Hensley (Physician)
*H. A. Jackson (Education Superintendent Schools)
*Dr. O. Harrell Jones (Dentist)
*Leo Karkowsky (Retail dry goods) - Secretary
*W. C. McMasters (Water well contractors)
*C. P. McMurry (Automotive repair)
*W. L. Mitchell (Retail grocer)
*H. A. Paine, Jr. (Real estate) - President
*O. F. Portwood, Jr. (Druggist)
*D. P. Rathbone (Theater)
*Matt F. Reed (Banking) - Treasurer
*Gilbert M. Vick (Life Insurance)
*A. G. Whitman (Retail Lumber)
*M. J. Wright (Retail grain and feed) 

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